We provide tools to understand and act upon the main regional and global challenges for Argentina in the twenty-first century.



We promote the consolidation of a strategic culture and a resilient decision-making process to face the challenges of the twenty-first century.


National Security Strategy

Promoting the strategic culture

We generate initiatives and partnerships to institutionalize the design and implementation of a National Security Strategy in Argentina. Guided by a modern and holistic approach, the project aims to strengthen and make the State's decision-making process resilient.

Young Lighthouse

Our reason

Strategic thinking and action requires strong engagement from the protagonists of the future. Therefore, we are doing our part to promote young, federal, and diverse leadership in Argentina.

Who takes care of those who protect us?

A voice for the defense

Building a shared future requires a strategy to grow safe and in peace. That is why we listen to the realities of those who protect us, in order to offer professional, actionable solutions to real (and sometimes structural) problems.

Maritime Strategy

A roadmap towards the sustainable development in the sea

We promote a comprehensive program that allows us to combine favorable security and economic development situations by improving governance and reducing political risk in maritime and river areas.

Global middle classes

Towards a foreign policy that makes sense for the middle class in Argentina

Following the growing influence of the new emerging middle classes in economic, political and cultural trends, we promote the development of a comprehensive strategy to guide a foreign policy that is focused on the interests and values of the Argentine middle classes and its connection with communities around the world (including diasporas and interest groups).

New agenda of integration, trade and investment

A roadmap for the international economic negotiations

We work to develop an external agenda that is simultaneously modern, comprehensive and strategic to strengthen Mercosur as a platform for internationalization.

Transitions towards a carbon-neutral world

Trends, tools and best practices for sustainable development

Convinced that Argentina has the capacity to play a leading role and be part of the solution to climate change, we support an agenda of development that is sustainable and friendly to the best international practices for our strategic productive sectors.

Religious freedom and interreligious dialogue

Religions as main transnational actors

We promote religious freedom in all its dimensions, and we work to consolidate their protection, understood as a fundamental human right. We promote inter-religious dialogue with the aim of breaking down prejudices, strengthen social cohesion, educate for coexistence, prevent conflicts and contribute to peace.

Diplomacy of the twenty-first century, and global positioning

New trends and evolution of non-traditional diplomacy

We work to build and strengthen the capacities of different actors (subnational governments, companies and civil society organizations) in their international actions, developing diplomacy strategies that help them to position themselves successfully and act to maximize benefits.